Video: ‘me kicking my cat out of my room at 3am’

The “me” is not me 😒. I want to get that out of the way right away. This TikTok video is classified under ‘funny cat videos’. Do you find it funny? The video maker has tried to make it funny by giving a beautiful female cat a human voice and after she has been unceremoniously thrown out of what appears to be the bedroom at 3 AM in the morning, she says that unless the human caregiver let’s her back in, she is going to throw rocks through the windows. She says this in a very deep masculine voice.

Cat thrown out of bedroom at 3 am in funny cat video on TikTok
Cat thrown out of bedroom at 3 am in funny cat video on TikTok. Screenshot.

I think the video has been viewed about 44.3 million times and received about 9 million likes. The numbers on TikTok are extraordinary. You can see very average videos which would not be successful on YouTube and they become hugely popular on TikTok. I am sure that YouTube is worried about TikTok as is Facebook. They are stealing customers from these social media dominant websites. But back to the video. I don’t think it’s funny but I guess I wouldn’t. I don’t agree with kicking your cat out of the bedroom at 3 AM in the morning. But once again I guess I wouldn’t. That said, a lot of people don’t like their cat to be in the bedroom at night because it disturbs their sleep.


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You can do something about that other than throwing your cat out of the room. You can place a bed for the cat in the room and make it very comfortable and encourage her to use it. Cats love to be in the bedroom because it smells of their human caregiver which should be attractive to them if the caregiver is doing a good job. I think it tends to break the relationship between animal and human if you kick them out of a zone in their core territory. It’s going to stress the relationship. The cat will probably accept it but you will loosen the bond slightly.

You want to tighten the bond not loosen it. We should be doing all we can to create a great relationship. It is distinctly possible to adapt to a cat being in your bedroom at night. They should not necessarily disturb your sleep (once you have adapted). Alas cats are adapting all the time to the human environment so I think that we owe them a reciprocal adaptation to let them soak up those human fragrances which they love so much. You may remember that Jackson Galaxy the famous American cat behaviourist calls the human bedroom a “scent soaker” because it is soaked in the scent of humans.

Domestic cats live and die by what they smell. Their sense of smell is as important as their eyesight. So, we have a funny cat video built around the breaking or loosening of the bond between human and cat. I don’t find that funny myself. But I’m being far too serious I know but I can’t help it. The welfare of cats is a serious subject.

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