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USDA purchased toxoplasmosis infected dead cats from the Asian cat meat markets

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Animal testing facility in Maryland

Animal testing facility in Maryland
Animal testing facility in Maryland

The USDA purchased toxoplasmosis infected dead cats from the objectionable Asian cat meat markets in order to feed them to hundreds of young cats over many years at an animal testing facility in Beltsville, Maryland. They also purchased dogs from the domestic animal meat markets of Asia and other countries including Vietnam and Colombia.

Once they had fed the infected meat to the cats at the testing facility they killed the cats and incinerated them. The whole process from conception, its beginning to its end is highly unethical. The objective of the animal testing was to learn about humans being infected by the parasitic disease, toxoplasmosis.

‘It’s crazy. Cannibal cats, cats eating dogs — I don’t see the logic,’ 

former USDA scientist Jim Keen said to NBC

The cat testing at the Maryland facility cost the American taxpayer over $600,000. If only the taxpayers had known. Two Senators introduced a Bill to stop the testing.

‘The details of these kitten experiments keep getting worse and they need to end now,’

Republican Rep. Brian Mast

In addition, the cats at the facility were killed painfully with a ketamine injection to the heart.

Apparently about 40 million Americans are infected by toxoplasmosis but the symptoms are nearly always asymptomatic. However, the disease can be problematic and the symptoms can be serious, including blindness. Nonetheless, despite the objects being arguably sound and worthwhile, the testing process is at the other end of the spectrum in terms of ethics.

Those of us you are knowledgeable on the Asian cat meat markets know that the animals are treated utterly brutally before being killed. America has condemned the Asian cat meat market in a House Resolution in the past. Therefore to purchase cat meat from the same market is highly hypocritical and only compounds the unethical nature of the process.

I’ve written about this animal testing by USDA in the past and if you want to read about it you can click on this link.

Cats care carriers of Toxoplasma gondii oocysts in their feces which is why there were tested.