Ukrainian soldier shows compassion in sharing his field ration with a squirrel

Ukrainian soldier shares his rations with a squirrel
Ukrainian soldier shares his rations with a squirrel. Screenshot.

On the Ukrainian side of this illegal war instigated by a psychopathic Putin, there is compassion for the animals the soldiers meet on the battlefield and in the trenches. Diametrically opposed to this behaviour is that of the allegedly vodka-soaked Russia soldiers who’ve also allegedly murdered innocent civilians and killed hundreds of thousands of animals by most estimates. In the video we see a Ukrainian soldier sharing his army rations with a squirrel. An act of compassion in a grisly war of attrition.

These are pets such as cats and dogs, zoo animals, farm livestock, horses in stables. You name the animal and their circumstance and it is likely that Putin’s forces have shelled it.

Quite a contrast. It tells us a lot about the attitudes on both sides. The Russian commanders are said to be shooting their own troops if they don’t go forwards to be cannon fodder. They motivate by extreme punishment.

On the other side Volodymyr Zelenski regularly praises individual troopers for their bravery on television and rewards them with medals. This is positive reinforcement. Motivation via praise. It is much more sustainable and effective.

The kindness to animals and reward-based motivation by the Ukrainians reflects on their character as does the cruel, criminal and disreputable behavior of the Russians.

It is hard to imagine the amount of animal cruelty that has occurred. It is a horror story and I am little concerned because with the invasion dragging out there is the chance of those countries supporting Ukraine to become desensitized to the death and destruction and pull back from long-term support.

The support must continue to the bitter end to the same standard and with the same commitment. In short, until the job is done and the Russians have gone home. What remains of them.

Russians say that Britons have to rely on eating squirrel because of a food shortage!

Kind guy feeds another thirsty squirrel (video)

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