UK government dragging its heels on banning the importation of hunting trophies

NEWS AND COMMENT: Eduardo Goncalves, founder of the Campaign to Ban Trophy Hunting has criticised the UK government for dragging its heels on banning the importation of hunting trophies primarily from Africa. Although trophy hunting imports from endangered species will be banned this week, there will be no timetable for introducing the ban. The government is going to fit it in as soon as parliamentary time allows.

Ban trophy hunting imports. The UK wants it to happen now.
Ban trophy hunting imports. The UK wants it to happen now.

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The Conservative government’s manifesto promised a ban and Boris Johnson pledged a trophy hunting ban in 2019. Since then, about 300 souvenirs from endangered species have been imported to the UK.

Eduardo Goncalves said:

“We’ve had a number of promises from the government. They said they would ban lion trophies after the killing of Cecil [the lion]. They said they would ban trophies of endangered species in the last election manifesto. What they haven’t said is when they are going to do it. It’s now almost 2 years since the public consultation on their proposals, and six years since Cecil was shot. We are told the bill is finalised but the only problem standing in its way is the government’s over-crowded calendar.”

Goncalves’ solution is to employ a private member’s Bill tabled by John Spellar, the Labour MP for Warley. His bill is scheduled to be debated in the Commons on Friday this week (week beginning 6th Dec. 2021). This bill would not interfere with the government’s allotted time, Goncalves said. He suggests that when it’s debated the government can amend the bill to include its own language and then achieve the ban as promised.

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The bill has cross-party support and support from animal and conservation groups.

Data from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species shows that British hunters are actively engaged in trophy hunting and shooting some of the world’s most threatened species. The longer the UK government delays the more animals will be killed for the entertainment of these bloodthirsty individuals with money to burn.

They claim that what they do is good for conservation. That, in my view, is a ridiculous smokescreen. It never stands up to scrutiny. Nine out of ten voters in the UK want trophy hunting to stop as soon as possible. For Goncalves, “It’s a political no-brainer.”

P.S. – Comment: The UK and rest of world must praise Eduardo Goncalves for his excellent work. He is making waves and getting results. The UK government is somewhat chaotic by the look of it.

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