Two-legged fox moves with great ease and normalcy

Two-legged fox
Two-legged fox. Screenshot.

This little guy is so impressive. And he has so impressed all who’ve seen the video. He/she must have been born missing two-hind legs. As is so typical of animals they just cope. My God how they cope. It is as if he has four legs. There is no almost barrier to what he can do. The balance is awesome. It seems that he uses his tail to help with mobility and balance. His foreleg muscles will be well developed. It is all about compensating for the loss and finding a way. Humans can learn from this.

Here is a backup video in case the other fails as they sometimes do:

The Telegraph author has got it all wrong. Sorry. Typical journalist though. They say this: “Watch the bizarre moment a two-legged fox is spotted in a Derbyshire garden”. It is not bizarre you fool. That’s insulting. Be kinder. Be more sensitive. These things happen. Humans and animals can be born with congenital deformities. Bizarre? No. Let’s focus on the impressive display of balance and dexterity. The positives. Not the negative thoughts of someone who probably dislikes foxes and a lot do.

Phil and Jane Carter, who live in Ilkeston, said they spotted the fox and filmed it before it dashed off ‘like a rocket’. Note the speed. This fox is amazing and surviving. I wish him all the very best. If you see him be kind, please.

Note: You can see him in the video sniffing the ground and thrusting his snout into the lawn. He is looking for earthworms to eat. I feed foxes. They deserve it. Why? Because too many people hate and abuse them. Someone has to counteract that nonsense. They have a right to live that is no less a right than that bestowed on humans.

A little more: Derbyshire Wildlife Trust one of 46 linked charities across the UK, said that it was unprecedented in their view to see a wild animal surviving and living apparently healthy life with such an impediment. They said: “We’ve never seen anything like this in the wild before but the animal looks relatively healthy and appears to have adapted to life on two legs.”

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