True love between monkey and man

This is definitely a true love interspecies relationship. Awesome video. We don’t know the backstory. It is likely to be an example of an orphaned animal and the baby is then looked after by a human. Nice. If that is the case why was the monkey orphaned? Was the cause something that humans did? These are the real issues behind the cutesy video so beloved of people.

Is this more a case of ‘man wants a baby’ without the responsibility of caring for a human and dealing with a wife?

Jay and Curtis
Jay and Curtis. Man loves monkey. Or man wants baby.

The video has been seen 24 million times (at June 2019). Will the relationship last when the monkey has grown up? That’s the 64,000-dollar question? Because if this is about a cute baby monkey and a great video it’s not good enough. It’ll be a failure, and you know what, we will never hear about that.

We will never hear what happened when the baby grows up and the man tires of his monkey companion because the monkey becomes too difficult to live with and/or the man’s circumstances change and he can no longer be the father of a monkey. What happens then? The monkey ends up in a zoo with a broken heart and there are no cameras to record it. The story becomes a bit of human entertainment history. A bit of human entertainment detritus.

Jay and Curtis

They are Jay (man) and Curtis (monkey). I don’t know the species of monkey.

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