“THIS CAT IS NOT STUCK” – amusing sign

This is a bit of fun. I don’t know anything about this photograph, by which I mean I don’t know the backstory but we have to presume that this delightful ginger tabby cat, which I think is a boy, loves to climb up to the top of this door behind the net curtains to observe what is going on outside. You can see that he’s put his right foreleg over the curtain rail to stabilise himself. He only has a very narrow ledge to step on so he has to stabilise himself in this way.

The sign on the door, written by his female owner, looks as if it has been there for a long time. It looks a bit faded so we have to presume that it’s a regular routine and it happens a lot. And in the past people have knocked on the door to enquire whether the cat is okay.

This cat is not stuck. Thank you
This cat is not stuck. Thank you. Photo in the public domain.

It’s all very cute I think, and it highlights what Jackson Galaxy calls “cat television“. Domestic cats treat windows as televisions to observe the outside and it is quite an important part of their lives particularly, of course, for full-time indoor cats. Cat guardians should do all they can to make their cats comfortable at suitable windows which are those where the sun comes in at certain times of day so that they can also sun themselves at their favourite spot.


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