The weirdest dog sound you will hear

Dog makes weirdest sound that you have heard from a dog

Dog makes weirdest sound that you have heard from a dog. Screenshot.

The video is said to describe a sassy dog demanding food. The dog has been fed but he wants some more. You’d be hard pressed to hear a weirder sound from a dog than the one you hear in this video. It is a very surprising sound. I wonder whether it is linked to this dog’s misshapen jaw. The lower jaw is undershot, meaning that it sticks out – out of alignment with the upper jaw. Apparently, undershot jaws are normal for bulldogs but unusual for other breeds. This is one of those flat-faced bulldogs. Extreme breeding lends itself to this sort of anatomical problem, in my view. I don’t want to be too harsh on the breeders but it all looks a bit odd to me. I prefer the normal dog face with a long muzzle. If you shorten the face through selective breeding you invariably create health issues such as, in this instance, breathing problems and it is known that bulldogs can overheat and develop joint problems.

Lewis Hamilton, who is about to become Sir Lewis Hamilton has a bulldog and he has spoken about his dog’s health issues which you can read by clicking on this link.

The causes of undershot and overshot jaws in dogs are: genetic disorder (this is the cause in this instance in my view), trauma, systemic infection, nutritional disorder, endocrine disorder, abnormal setting of puppy teeth and early or late loss of puppy teeth.

An undershot jaw is described as a class III malocclusion which is also referred to as a mandibular prognathism, maxillary brachygnathism, mandibular mesioclusion or an underbite! Get your teeth around describing those words!

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