The delicious taste of bacon outweighs animal welfare

The photograph on Twitter X says it all:

The delicious taste of bacon outweighs animal welfare
How we treat pigs. Image: Twitter X

The comments to the image are instructive:

But I love bacon… Everyone loves bacon.


Just had a bacon cheeseburger. Mmmmmm

That’s the point: humans won’t give up their bacon and cheeseburgers in the interests of animal welfare. Their tastebuds run their lives. It is more important for them to satisfy the cravings of their tastebuds than to make a small sacrifice in the interests of pig welfare and stop eating bacon.

I won’t bang the drum anymore. But the world is divided into two broad groups: those that are concerned about animal welfare and those that don’t give a s**t about it. Judging by the level of animal abuse on the planet the latter outweighs the former in terms of numbers.

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