Thailand: snake comes into home and swallows family cat

News and opinion: Thailand has dangers to cats which are distinctly different to those found in Europe and even America where there are predators of domestic cats such as coyotes, which is the main why Americans prefer to keep their cats inside all the time. Safety is the first duty of a cat guardian.


In this story reported by Newsweek the family’s white, blue-eyed cat, Hurjun, who was owned by the daughter Kanchi Nard as I understand it, was minding his own business inside the home and judging by the photographs it looks like the kitchen. A large snake, a python, managed to enter and crushed the life out of him and then swallowed him. I presume the family were in the home but elsewhere or perhaps away from their home at the time.

The family’s daughter was looking for Hurjun when she saw the snake with a bloated centre (stomach?) indicating to the horror of the daughter that her cat was inside the snake being digested. Quite shocking for them.

Here is a Google translation of her Facebook post – this is a Google translation from the Thai. It provides the first hand shock of the experience:

“Very shocked when at 3 p.m. The daughter went out to find the cat in the back of the house and couldn’t find the kitten, so she looked around. Found a big snake in the back of the house. Walking screaming out “snake … no.”
“Ma, horse, snake …. Snake … Ho Jun? Can’t find Ho Jun, Ah Ho Junnon?”

Then screaming non-stop … Mom can only sit and hug the baby. Because Ho Jun is already in his stomach
Mother’s heart will be broken and shocked, pity the kitten, extremely sorry, unable to speak, very hurtful.
RIP Ho Joon, the most handsome ….. Mom will love and miss you forever 😭😭
Thank you for the sixth Major Disaster Mitigation Unit for helping to catch snakes.”

The snake was removed by officials as shown in the photographs.

สะเทือนใจมาก เมื่อตอน3ทุ่มกว่าๆ ลูกสาวเดินออกไปหาแมวหลังบ้าน หาแมวไม่เจอ ลูกเลยกวาดตามองไปรอบๆ เจองูตัวใหญ่อยู่หลังบ้าน…

Posted by Kanchi Nard on Saturday, April 3, 2021

Embedded FB posts like the one above tend to breakdown after a while please note. If it has, I am sorry. The photos above tell the story well.


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