Saudi Arabia’s revolutionary mega city The Line will be a deadly barrier for billions of migrating birds

Saudi Arabia's The Line

The Times reports on Saudi Arabia’s revolutionary mega city which is being heavily promoted online. It is a spectacular concept which captures the imagination. It is currently being built. A lot of people thought it wouldn’t get this far. It’s going to be 500 m …

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UK watchdog, CMA, to investigate Unilever greenwashing

CMA investigate alleged Unilever greenwashing

NEWS AND COMMENT: Greenwashing is becoming or has become an important part of large commercial organisations. If they can’t genuinely make their products more environmentally friendly at least they can present the idea that they are environmentally friendly to the greater public through advertisements and …

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American sweets are toxic to kids and millions are imported into the UK

American sweets imported into the UK such as Jolly Rancher contain additives which are illegal in the UK such as erythrosine which can cause hyperactivity in children.

The standard of manufacturer of American sweets is lower than in Great Britain. There is a worrying development in Great Britain because you might have noticed that there are many American candy stores dotted around the country particularly in London where, frankly, they’ve been outlawed …

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Greta Thunberg pleaded not guilty to a public order offence at Westminster Magistrates’ Court

Greta Thunberg pushed and shoved as she enters court to plead not guilty

NEWS AND COMMENT: Greta Thunberg was arrested at a climate change protest near the Intercontinental Hotel in Mayfair on 17th October, as were other protesters. She’s brave like that. Today she attended the Westminster Magistrates’ Court where she pleaded not guilty to breaching section 14 …

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