French farm ministry caves in to farmers to reintroduce bee-killing pesticide

Bees poisoned by pesticides

Neonicotinoid pesticides kill bees. The governments and scientists know this. They were banned in order to protect bees in various countries. In France the ban has been lifted under pressure from sugar beet growers to save their crop from a virus. Greenpeace, former ministers, beekeepers …

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Artificial grass is bad for nature and the environment

Artificial grass is bad for nature and the environment

It appears that nowadays artificial grass is fantastic quality, highly realistic and more popular than ever before. The popularity probably comes about because year-on-year people are distancing themselves from nature because of urban sprawl and humankind’s natural propensity to become an orphan from nature, and …

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Bee Cat

Bee cat - a photoshop.

This is a neat bit of photoshopping by the guy who runs the Jasper Blue The Persian Instagram webpage. He is a good photoeditor. This creation caught my eye: In terms of the human-to-animal relationship which is the purpose of this site, it shows how …

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Saharan silver ant travels at 472 mph (equivalent)

Saharan silver ant

The Saharan silver ant is an amazing creature. It has amazing abilities but a small brain. They ran incredibly quickly in order to survive the heat. Their body temperature can reach 53°C. The ambient temperature can reach 60°C. They live in a very harsh climate …

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