Humans love their dogs and their dogs love them in return (study confirms)

Dog love

A 2015 Japanese study, in essence, found that dogs love their human caregivers. It’s more than just about seeking food and surviving for a dog. It seems that through 10,000 years and more of selective breeding (artificial selection) humans have provided domestic dogs with a …

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Dogs’ facial fast twitch muscles provides them with expressions which entice us

Doe-eyed dog

Unlike domestic cats, domestic dogs have a face-full of fast twitch muscles which enable them to have expressive faces and rapid barks. Their bark is entirely different to that of their wild ancestor the wolf. Wolf bark compared to the domestic dog bark And it …

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Ukraine war: failure of uncivilised humankind in its relationship with animals

Ukrainian female soldier cuddles ginger tabby cat

Of course, there are many instances, millions of them, of great success in the relationship between humans and animals. They need to be recognised and praised. However, there are far too many instances of abject failure due to the inherent uncivilised nature of humankind which …

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Ukraine: man tries to comfort a dog who refuses to move after bombing

NEWS/COMMENT- IRPIN, UKRAINE: For me, this is a distressing picture of an animal caught up in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. There are many animals who have been killed and injured. Many have been taken by their owner/refugees to Poland and other adjacent countries. This …

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