Putting calves in tiny enclosures after being torn from their mums is cruel and unproductive

Calves separated from their mothers are placed in tiny enclosures

PETA says: Dairy farming is a cruel industry that profits from the exploitation and suffering of animals. Mother cows and their calves are separated, the milk meant for these babies is taken for human consumption (bad idea – see end of page). Go vegan. I …

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AI can identify every tweet – from birds!

AI used to detect bird calls

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a very powerful tool. There will be millions of ways to use it provided it doesn’t develop to the point where it uses us! Conrad Young has created an artificial intelligence service called chirrup.ai which can analyse recordings of birdsong and …

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Piglet tail docking is unethical from two standpoints

Piglet tail-docking

Just like dogs, pigs use their tails to express their emotions, wagging them when happy and hiding them between their legs when they are stressed or scared. Yet this [tail docking] is done to piglets without aesthetic. – Kim Rathbone on Twitter I’ve just bumped …

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Antimicrobial resistance in humans and animals occurs together

Globally, the association between antibiotic consumption and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) between human and animals goes both ways.

In a recent study, the scientists concluded that “globally, the association between antibiotic consumption and antimicrobial resistance (AMR) between human and animals goes both ways”. My understanding is that they mean that if humans consume too many antibiotics it works against them because the pathogens, …

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Out-of-control dog drives 28 lambs to their deaths in a stream

Nicola Robinson found the lambs dead in a stream in Grange-over-Sands, Cumbria, UK

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a story about the need for dog owners to keep their dogs on a lead in areas where livestock are nearby. And I think, too, it might be linked to rampant dog adoptions during Covid-19 by people who really were …

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Real-time AI-enabled threat detection cameras deployed in fight against poaching

AI threat detection cameras will prove useful in combating wildlife poaching in Africa

Real-time AI threat detection cameras will help to combat the threat of wildlife poaching on the African continent, it is believed. They are a significant improvement on traditional camera traps because images from the AI cameras are transmitted directly to satellites from where they are …

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