Wind turbine noise threatens Galicia’s ancestral wild horses

Galicia's wind turbines are said to harm the welfare of the wild horses

The Times reports that local people in Galicia in north-west Spain believe that the noise of wind turbines is jeopardising the survival of their ancestral wild horses. In this beautiful, wild and open yet windy landscape, a wild horse herd belongs to a village, Sabucedo. …

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“Scruff” the eco-dog fetches plastic bottles for recycling

Scruff picks up yet another plastic bottle

NEWS AND COMMENT-UK: Scruff is a border collie, a dog breed known for intelligence. He is using his intelligence to make the environment where he lives more ecologically friendly. He seems very strongly motivated to pick up any plastic bottle that he can see and, …

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Lake Windermere, jewel of the Lake District, turns into pea soup

Lake Windermere choked with blue-green algae

This very strongly appears to be another story of climate change and other human activities which are seriously harming Lake Windermere which is described as the jewel of the Lake District and which many people consider to be England’s greatest national park. Lake Windermere should …

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