PETA asks Crufts to ban flat-faced dogs as they ‘can barely breathe’

Pekinese dog, Eric, at Crufts - the winner 2022

NEWS AND OPINION: The pressure is on The Kennel Club and their dog breeders to genuinely change their ways and deal with this flat-faced dog problem. This is a problem which has bedevilled The Kennel Club for many years. And I think the problem has …

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Half of flat-faced dogs require surgery to help them to breathe

Breathing difficulties with brachycephalic flat-faced dogs

Flat-faced dogs such as the French bulldog have brachycephalic skulls. Their muzzles are substantially shortened. This alters their internal anatomy. This, in turn, makes it harder to breathe. And it is so bad that Battersea Dogs & Cats Home (Battersea) have operated on 244 flat-faced …

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Short-muzzled dog owners are unconcerned about their dog’s health problems

French bulldog

A study concluded that 66% owners of brachycephalic (round-headed short-muzzled) dogs would recommend their dog breed to others and 93% would adopt another despite the fact that these flat-faced breeds are inherently unhealthy. It seems that they don’t think they are unhealthy or have normalised …

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