Strong trend in Australia to keep domestic cats inside full-time has a big DEFECT

The kind of enriched environment I envisage for domestic cats confined to the home

Once again, we are told that Australia is changing the face of cat domestication in order to protect their native species, often their small native mammals which are particularly vulnerable to domestic cat predation. This is because historically they never had to deal with cat …

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Record-breaking, mammoth cane toad put down by park rangers as it’s an invasive species

Giant cane toad 'Toadzilla' weighing a record 5.9 lbs (2.7 kg)

The cane toad is an invasive species in Australia. Australians don’t like invasive species because they often attack native species. Australians love their native species and will do anything to protect them. Australia’s native species are threatened primarily by human activity and population growth which …

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Australia’s coalmining is probably more damaging to their native species than feral cats

Open coal mine emitting methane is huge quantities

Australians are famous for blaming the approximate 2 million feral cats on their continent for the loss of millions of animals of native species primarily marsupials and mammals. A lot of effort has gone into eradicating the ‘pest’ of feral cats from the continent in …

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