Piglet tail docking is unethical from two standpoints

Piglet tail-docking

Just like dogs, pigs use their tails to express their emotions, wagging them when happy and hiding them between their legs when they are stressed or scared. Yet this [tail docking] is done to piglets without aesthetic. – Kim Rathbone on Twitter I’ve just bumped …

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Stop using phrases and words which perpetuate violence against animals say PETA

More than one way to skin a cat

The establishment, the mainstream news media and the unenlightened are taking the mickey out of PETA for trying to change the deeply ingrained human habit of using animals in sayings, phrases and words within a sporting context (and generally) which indirectly devalues animals and thereby …

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Ricky Gervais thinks we live far too long and he can’t wait for humanity to be wiped out

Gervais and his cat

Watching Ricky Gervais talk on this chat show is quite uncomfortable. His comedy is uncomfortable. It is a mixture of seriousness and comedy. I find it hard to watch sometimes. I don’t find it particularly funny either. I think a lot of people would agree …

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Attractive, smiling Chinese woman eats crunchy grilled dog’s head

Attractive woman eats grilled dog's head. Very crunchy.

Very crunchy and tasty. Why are Europeans squeamish about eating dog’s head? It is a cultural difference as I have mentioned beforeEnergetic and industrious Chinese man prepares and cooks a horse’s head and it is sickening but to see this is particularly difficult because the …

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Jockeys whipping racehorses. Why? Change in rules (UK).

Racehorse whip

This article briefly touches on the change in rules regarding jockeys whipping their horse to speed them up. I also touch on whipping racehorses generally and its effectiveness. Change in rules The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) recently announced a change in the use of the …

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Fish endure prolonged suffering due to a failure to stun them before slaughter

Caught fish in British coastal waters

I am troubled about fish. I eat fish because like millions of others I like it and it is nutritious. But I’m troubled with the way humankind relates to fish in terms of catching them and killing them. We seem to think that they are …

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