Stolen dog dumped and reunited with owner after 10 years of breeding

Elektra Covell, 18, and Tallulah Covell, 19, holding Crumpet with Sarah Covell

COMMENT-NEWS: The title to this article is speculative but it is based upon the words of Sarah Covell who believes that her 3-month-old Jack Russell dog named Crumpet was stolen 10 years ago for breeding purposes. When she could no longer have puppies, it is believed that the thief dumped her unceremoniously on a golf course a few miles from her home.

Elektra Covell, 18, and Tallulah Covell, 19, holding Crumpet with Sarah Covell

Elektra Covell, 18, and Tallulah Covell, 19, holding Crumpet with Sarah Covell. Photo: Kennedy News and Media.

Crumpet disappeared 10 years ago from her garden in Sherborne, Dorset, UK in October 2010. A wide search took place and a reward of £300 was put up for her return. The family gave up hope. This month a veterinarian rang to say that Crumpet had been found on a golf course not far from her home. Sarah Covell said she couldn’t believe it and that “It is a bit miraculous that she’s come back into our lives. Obviously as soon as we saw her when she came out to us, there she was wiggling around and wagging her tail. I feel she was dumped; she is 11 now, she is past her breeding days. She’s obviously had puppies and she needs quite a lot of medical work now. It doesn’t look like she’s ever seen a vet.”

I can’t help but feel that Sarah Covell is completely correct. I think she was stolen from breeding purposes and then dumped when she can no longer breed. The concept of stealing dogs for breeding is certainly very prevalent at the moment during Covid when people are in lockdown scratching their heads as to what they should do. They decide to adopt a dog without due diligence and proper preparation. And because of market forces (supply not meeting demand) dogs and cats are being stolen and bred so the puppies can be sold.

There has been a really strong demand for pet dogs particularly, the fancy French Bulldogs. This has promoted criminal behaviour including thefts and illegal importation of dogs from abroad.


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