Sport hunter pets deer he was about to shoot as it befriends him

This video is an example, for me, of the desire for peace overriding the desire to do violence and it was instigated by the animal not the human! Instructive to humankind. Perhaps Putin could learn something from this video. The deer wants a peaceful coexistence with the human who happens to be trying to kill it at that moment for the fun of it. What is it with humans? How can they enjoy killing animals for fun? The video is like flicking a switch from violence to peace. It is allegorical.

It’s rather remarkable in that in the space of a second or two this deer was about to be shot by a sport hunter and then the sport hunter’s attitude rapidly changed to one where he preferred to pet and be friendly with the deer rather than kill it.

It would be nice to think that this episode changed the mentality of the person permanently and that he saw the benefits of being friendly with wild animals rather than achieving a temporary, bloody pleasure from killing them.

I cannot see, for the life of me, see how anybody can gain pleasure from killing an animal. I just don’t know where that comes from except from the deepest recesses of the human psyche. Perhaps it is a throwback to Neanderthal times when humans or pre-humans really had to hunt to survive. Now it’s just a vestigial pastime and pleasure but it is so out of place in the modern world in my view. The video highlights the madness of sport hunting.

I think it’s a nice little video (albeit of poor quality) because it is proclaiming to the world that violence can be overcome with a desire for peace and friendship. Perhaps I’m being too philosophical and perhaps I am placing too much on this video but I’ve never seen such an instant realisation that friendship trumps the desire to do violence.

An example where animals are better than humans. Perhaps they always are.

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