Sound up. Male chicks thrown out alive with the garbage. Listen to their cries and remember.

Male chicks thrown out alive with garbage
Male chicks thrown out alive with garbage. Image: PETA.

This is the message that you can’t as a decent meat-eating person ignore: go vegan. And I say that as a meat-eater. But over a period of about 8 years, I have gradually weaned myself of meat. I still eat a small amount of chicken but that’ about it. It has taken a long time to unlearn what I learnt as a kid back in the 1950s and 60s. But the more you see the arguments the more you turn away from meat as the farming business is so damned cruel. It is just too cruel to accept. This is one example.

This is PETA’s tweet:

PETA UK – May 27 – Sound up. Male chicks are killed by the egg industry because they can’t lay eggs. Remember their cries, go vegan.

Mammals: 96% are livestock and humans, 4% are wild animals

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