Solar powered bird bath fountain

This is a cool, environmentally friendly product. It ticks the boxes. It is described in the video as being for hummingbirds but any bird it seems to me would enjoy it. I can’t vouch for its reliability and I am not being paid to promote it! I just like the look of it and the concept.

You can buy them online on many websites. Amazon have them. Go to Amazon and search for ‘Solar powered bird bath fountain’.

We need more and better conservation

Wildlife conservation in the UK is in a dire state

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"Peanut" is the world's oldest living chicken and a celebrity

Peanut at 21 years of age is the world’s oldest chicken thanks to human love and caregiving and good genes

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Woman attacked by a snake and a hawk in Texas

Woman feels glad to be alive after being attacked by a snake AND a hawk simultaneously

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Maremma sheepdogs are being trained to stop eagles attacking sheep

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