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She wants to go home because the dinosaurs are scary

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Young girl is scared of the dinosaurs
Young girl is scared of the dinosaurs

Young girl is scared of the dinosaurs. Screenshot.

OMG this is so cute. It is about the animal-human relationship so I am justified in publishing the video on this site. I am not sure that the video maker should have made the video to be honest. It is cute as I have said but it is entertaining people on the discomfort and distress of a child. Is that morally right? Am I being too picky and proper? I don’t think so. I believe that the world would be a far better place if decisions were made on high moral principles not money! Make sense? Think of the state of the word with global warming. If politicians were thinking of the global picture and doing what is morally correct, they’d have started curbing carbon dioxide and carbon dioxide equivalent emissions much earlier and with far more commitment. There is a horribly lax and uncommitted approach by China and Russia to name two. This is because of their pursuit of self-interest and economic growth over sustainability and a more socially responsible approach to improving life on this precious planet.

Here is the charming video which will stop working one day as they always do. I can’t control that as it is held on the Twitter servers and I have no control over them.


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