Retired man burned to death protecting his friend’s dog in the back of his car in the Hawaii wildfires

Franklin Trejos and Sam
Franklin Trejos and Sam. Photo: AP.

You might have heard of the Hawaii wildfires. Specifically, they were on the island of Maui. They’ve claimed 96 lives so far.

Jeff Bogar lived on the island. He is a retired Maui fire captain. His close friend was Franklin Trejos. All the accounts say that Trejos was a really good man. He looked after Bogar’s wife because she has seizures. As I understand it, he lived in Bogar’s house. They were close friends for 35 years.

When the deadly wildfire approached their home, they stayed behind to help others. They lived in a town of 13,000. But the flames overwhelmed the place. It is said that the wildfire was exacerbated by the dry conditions and the winds. It is also said that the dry conditions were quite likely caused by climate change.

Bogar and Trejos tried to save Bogar’s house but they failed in that task because the flames were too dangerous and they decided to flee. They each fled to their own car.

Bogar’s vehicle wouldn’t start. For some reason he had to break a window to get out. He got out and crawled on the ground. A police patrol found him and took him to hospital.

Trejos didn’t make it. His charred body and that of Bogar’s dog, a golden retriever, were found in the back seat of Trejos’s car. Trejos’s body was on top of the body of the dog. He tried to protect the dog in his last moments.

Trejos was from Costa Rica. As I said at the beginning he was regarded as a very good man and a great friend. He had a big heart as clearly shown by the fact that he tried to save Bogar’s dog with whom he was very close.

The golden retriever’s name was Sam. He was three years old.

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