Rescue dog refuses to leave kennel on being chosen for adoption

Dog couple rescued together
Dog couple rescued together. Pic: Twitter.

This is both a strange but poignant tweet from Twitter. It is a good dog story but I am skeptical about its veracity. Although I’m in need of a good dog story as on Twitter there are too many bad dog stories and I mean bad in reference to human behavior. The tweet commences in the first person:

I had adopted her but she refused to come away with me. It was weird because dogs can’t wait to leave the kennel. She was crying and stubbing her paws. I should have dragged her. But when I looked down, I understood the reason and I had to make a CHOICE.

The dog concerned had a very close Chihuahua companion who she would not leave behind. They were both in the kennel together. This was the dog’s chance for a good life in a new loving home but she refused to grab it because it seems that she had decided that she could not be separated from her friend. The Chihuahua looked up at her buddy in fear; in expectation that she’d lose her.

Moving quickly forwards the person narrating the story says:

And in that moment a small miracle happened. The couple saw the whole scene and decided to adopt them both. They did the documents also for the chihuahua and all 4 went out the door of the shelter. was taken in the car, before leaving.

Although it is not stated, the person who narrates the story clearly did not want to adopt them both. They abandoned their decision to adopt this female dog because it would have meant adopting two rather than one dog as they had to be adopted together.

This is rather strange as shelters almost invariably insist that shelter buddies are adopted together in the interests of the cats’ or dogs’ wellbeing. It is not that uncommon.

Often an owner dies leaving behind a couple of companion animals who’ve lived together for most of their lives. They are an ‘item’. They are rescued together and rehomed together as to separate them would be cruel. My guess is that this was one of those cases.

But the narrator seems to be criticising themselves in not doing what the good couple did and adopt the two dogs together. They continue:

Personally, I would like to wish these two dogs a happy life full of love! But above all so much happiness also to these two wonderful people.

That’s the story. It caught a lot of attention on Twitter but as I am a cynical old man, I don’t believe it. My version would be that the narrator saw the charming photo on Twitter and fabricated the story to match the picture.

What do you think?

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