Red-blooded meat burgers under attack from bleeding plant burgers in the US

In America, the average American eats 4.4 burgers a week. However, over concerns for their health and the environment the American’s deep rooted fondness for burgers is waning and they are, little by little turning to the veggie variant despite president Trump’s best efforts.

Impossible Foods’ bleeding plant burger. A success.

American citizens are very proud of their ground-beef burger. I am sure that there are some famous restaurants in America making the highest quality beef burgers. Conservative US politicians are equally proud of their burgers. They see a liberal plot to undermine this famous American delicacy. President Trump said in a rally that the proposed climate action under the Green New Deal would mean “no more cows”. Trump is not a believer in climate change.

They say that the Democrats are taking away their hamburgers and it is next to a crime. Although, business appears to have accepted the change in attitudes. They’ve accepted that methane produced by cows damages the atmosphere and red meat is losing its popularity. McDonald’s have a vegan burger in Germany. Burger King is introducing Impossible Foods’ bleeding plant burger at 7000 US outlets.

Impossible Foods is a Silicon Valley start-up supply more than 5000 restaurants in the US and Asia. It is highly successful, reflecting what is quite a rapid change in attitude driven by a much greater awareness of climate change and in the UK air pollution is a massive issue currently. It’s all about the environment and it’s time to protect it.

Tastes are changing in America according to George Motz, the author of Hamburger America a guide on a state-by-state basis of the best small burger restaurants. But he believes it will be two generations before there is a real switch to plant-based burgers. And at that time he believes that people will lose the taste of meat-based burgers at which point the veggie burger will be the norm.

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