Racehorse trainer losses his temper and abuses a young horse at a racetrack

This is a video and words from a tweet by Animal Welfare Watch. The words sum up the incident better than I can and I repeat them together with the video above.

This evil little man is racehorse trainer David Barron and the poor horse he’s abusing is 2-year-old Swift Salian who is owned by David Ellis. Before the 6:30 race at Musselburgh on the 3rd of July 2023. This IS abuse and causes a headship horse pain in their mouth, the horse was doing nothing wrong, people watching on and even the jockey didn’t look impressed, if he does this in a busy paddock, imagine what goes on behind closed doors! This is not an isolated incident; we’ve seen this time and time again with different trainers. Angry, evil little men. This horse is a baby. 2 years old. Please share and help expose the truths of what these poor horses have to endure.

Animal Welfare Watch
Trainer losses his temper and abuses a horse in plain view of others in the paddock.

For me the important point to take from this is the attitude and/or mentality of the man. He was clearly in a bad frame of mind. He couldn’t control himself despite being in a place where he is on show. There were cameras around. We know how devastating misdeeds by trainers can be to their careers. He is a horse trainer with a duty to be concerned about animal weflare.

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It has happened before when a trainer sat on a horse that had died while training. The trainer showed a lack of respect and in his arrogance, he allowed himself to be photographed. Here is the picture:

Another incident of a racehorse trainer being disrespectful towards a horse. This time a recently deceased Grand National winner. The trainer is Gordon Elliot. He was mortified.
Another incident of a racehorse trainer being disrespectful towards a horse. This time a recently deceased Grand National winner. The trainer is Gordon Elliot. He was mortified. Image in the public domain.

Other racehorse trainers have been in the spotlight over the years for horse abuse such as Darren Weir, a popular Melbourne Cup-winning trainer in Australia. Also, allegations of abuse were made against Steve Asmussen, a notable racehorse trainer.

The abuse of racing horses is all over the internet. It is in your face and isn’t just trainers. Racehorses are assets. It is hard for people whose prime objective is to succeed and make money to treat these ‘assets’ well and be motivated by animal welfare.

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Another story of horse abuse came to light a while ago:

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