Purring reduces pain in cats (audio)?

This is an audio version (2.5 minutes) of an aricle I wrote about purring reducing pain in cats. I am experimenting with audio files. It’s not great quality but I am simply trying to get across a point: that the cat purr probably reduces pain in the cat which is why they purr when they are not happy and when they are injured. Cats purr when they are at the vet’s. So the purr is not solely about expressing contentment. It means and does something else too. And I think it has medicinal qualities.

Please click on the audio image below to hear me talk briefly about this and if you would like to read a written version and a more detailed discussion then please click on this link here. On that page I also refer to scientific study about how low-frequency sound helps to reduce the pain symptoms of fibromyalgia which causes widespread pain throughout a person. The purr is a low-frequency sound. It is like music and also we know that music releases dopamines and serotonin in the brain which helps elevate mood.


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