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Puppy barely escapes a congregation of alligators

Puppy escapes a congregation of alligators
Puppy escapes a congregation of alligators

Puppy escapes a congregation of alligators

This is a dog escape to match the best cat escapes. This was smart thinking and brave acting. Of course, we have no idea why a puppy was in a pool of water with a ‘congregation’ of alligators. Yes, a group of alligators is called a congregation unless it is a family when it is called a family of alligators! The words in the video are ‘never give up’ but I don’t think this is a case of never giving up because this dog had one go at survival. Never giving up indicates more than one go. The video was uploaded to the YouTube channel of a motivational speaker which is why she used that phrase. Between cats and dogs which is the better survivor?

Scientists confirmed that cats are better than dogs because from an evolutionary standpoint they are much better at surviving and often at the dog’s expense. Apparently, cats have caused the extinction of over 40 dog species in North America which indicates that they are the superior killer.

The scientists studied 2,000 fossils to come to their conclusion. They said that the cat’s retractable claws make them more successful hunters. Dogs’ claws are permanently protracted. Actually, the default position for cats’ claws is retracted therefore they are protrusible not retractable; a fine difference.

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The result? Cats’ claws are less worn down and therefore sharper. Dogs’ claws become blunt.

It seems, too, that cats have more neurons in their smaller brains. Cats’ brains contain 300 million neurons while for dogs the number is 160 million. People believe dogs are smarter because they are more obedient but the reason for this has a different cause: pack animal behavior. Plus, they’ve been domesticated for far longer: 20,000+ years for dogs compared to around 10,000 for cats.

The experts also say that cats can make a 100 different sounds while dogs are limited to a pathetic 10. Although there are a limited number of categorised cat sounds there is great variation in how, for instance, the meow is delivered from individual to individual under a wide range of circumstances.

Below are some articles on working dogs. In the area of hard functionality dogs are superior to cats. Dogs are employed in a far wider number of working environments compared to cats because they are easier to train and do the human’s bidding which is why they were domesticated far sooner than dogs. In developing countries are substantially more popular for this reason.