Prince of Wales gives a home to three hedgehogs at Dumfries House

NEWS AND VIEWS (COMMENTS): I believe that it is universally accepted that the Prince of Wales is a decent guy. Prince Charles has always been ahead of the curve on environmental issues and he has contributed to the nation. In terms of value for money he is the best royal at present.

Ms Dougall (presumed) with one of the hedgehogs
Ms Dougall (presumed) with one of the hedgehogs. Photo: Dumfries House staff (presumed).

Apparently he’s earned a reputation as being a supporter of hedgehogs. Indeed, he’s a supporter of all animals because he is campaigning against climate change and its effect on wildlife.

He owns Dumfries House in Ayrshire which he’s turned into a thriving community it seems to me. He’s transformed the place into an organisation which contributes to Scotland and which is thriving. He’s given a home to two female hedgehogs and a male at this magnificent house and staff there hope that they will thrive on the slugs found in the Prince’s organic garden.

Hedgehog home
Hedgehog home built by workers at the Dumfried House estate. Photo in public domain.

The three hedgehogs are about three-month-of-age and they’ve been nursed back to health by volunteers from Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue Centre, which is south-west of Glasgow.

At Dumfries House there is the Kauffman Education Garden and Julie Dougall a gardner said that the hedgehogs had improved the biodiversity of the Dumfries House estate. She hopes that they will be educational to children who visit the estate. They’ve built a hut for them from recycled timber.

The mild winter so far has delayed their hibernation resulting in more hedgehogs than usual being homed by rescue centres. Ms Dougall wants the children to name the hedgehogs and she is happy to have more of them on the estate.

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