President Trump should not say that Isis leader ‘died like a dog’

Isis leader killed by US forces.
“He died like a dog” according to Trump. He should not use this outmoded and insulting to dogs phrase.

This is very commonplace and it is wrong. When someone dies a miserable and unpleasant death they say that ‘he died like a dog’. President Trump used the phrase to describe the death of Isis leader Abu Baker al-Baghdadi in a blind tunnel when chased by US military dogs and elite US armed forces. Trump spoke for 48 minutes describing in as much detail as secrecy allowed how the terrorist leader died. He was triumphant looking for a successful second period as president.

He said that al-Baghdadi whimpered, cried and screamed as he ran from US forces in a tunnel under his hideout in the Syrian desert. He said the leader blew himself up with three children. A cowardly act. They tried to capture him. A US dog was injured in the blast.

Trump wanted to get the message across loud and clear that this terrorist leader was a feeble coward not deserving of respect by anyone including his followers.

In order to emphasis that message he said he died like a dog. This is an insult to dogs and it equates dogs with monstrous terrorists. It also alludes to the fact that dogs often die terrible deaths which sadly is true. This is a hidden criticism of humankind.

The saying ‘he died like a dog’ needs to be dropped from the English language. It is a saying from times past when animal welfare was entirely different to today in the 21st century.

‘To lead a dog’s life’ also needs to be abolished as it is saying that dogs live poor lives which is also true in many cases; another indictment of human abuse towards innocent domestic dogs who are victims of mankind’s perverted behavior. These sayings tend to devalue dogs which is a barrier to improving animal welfare.

Apparently the saying ‘he died like a dog’ began in 1529 when John Rastell, in The Pastime of People wrote, ‘He lyved like a lyon and dyed like a dogge’.

In ancient Greece dying like a dog meant remaining unburied. A mean and cruel fate.

Stop this ludicrous saying which is an example of speciesism.

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