Pictures of Ryan Fischer, Lady Gaga’s dog walker in hospital

Ryan Fischer in hospital recovering from his gunshot wound to the chest

There may be some interest in photographs of Ryan Fischer, 30, Lady Gaga’s dog walker who was shot, as the world knows, in the chest by thieves who stole two of Lady Gaga’s French bulldogs. The third dog escaped and then came back to be Mr Fischer’s guardian angel as he described her. These photographs are from Mr Fischer’s Instagram page which is headed “Valley of the Dogs”. If you want to Google his Instagram page and you should join all those words together and add his name and you might be lucky! Read the earlier story.

He is making a full recovery. You can see that he was shot high up on his chest near his right shoulder. Perhaps this saved him. He resisted handing over the dogs which is why he was shot. A woman returned the two stolen dogs, Koji and Gustav to a police station on Friday after Lady Gaga offered the $500,000 reward. I’m not sure whether the woman got the reward because it seems to me that she should be fully investigated as she represents a gateway to the criminals. How else would she have got the dogs to return them?

And if she is engaged in criminal activity being associated with the criminals then she should not be rewarded, obviously. However, I don’t know her status. But it seems impossible to believe that she doesn’t have some sort of connection, at least a very tenuous one, to these criminals. Let’s wait and see what happens.

The good news though is that Mr Fischer is recovering because he could have been shot dead, quite obviously. It seems extraordinary to me that a person would have shot him in the first place to steal a couple of dogs but they are worth about USD25,000 each apparently! Frech bulldogs are better currency than expensive drugs in the marketplace.

This was made by Fischer for Lady Gaga:

“Repost from @missasiaxoxo – Happy Birthday MOM!! My friends and I put a little video together for you”.

In the UK there is a similar surge in dog thefts. Dog owners are fighting back by forming groups. Read about it.