Picture of tick embedded into a dog

Well, if you want to know what a tick looks like when it is embedded into the skin of your dog or cat, this picture by Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic, Inc. shows you very nicely. What struck me was how deeply the head is embedded into the skin. It looks horrible and it tells us why it is quite hard to get them out without leaving bits of the parastic in the animal. Click this link for a full breakdown on ticks including the diseases they transmit and how to get them off your pet.

Embedded tick in a dog
Embedded tick in a dog. Photo: Cuyahoga Falls Veterinary Clinic. Published with their permission.

They take great pictures and I love good pictures. They have granted me express permission to publish them on my websites provided I give a link and a full credit. I have done that and I’d like to add my thanks.

The clinic is located in Ohio, USA. They say, “Ticks are here in northeast Ohio, and there’s no denying their impact on canine and human health. All dogs ought to be vaccinated for Lyme disease. All dogs ought to be on monthly tick control with a product like Simparica.”

Take note, please. They are an excellent veterinary clinic. You can tell. They are switched on. At the date of this post they are still operating a curbside service due to Covid-19. The don’t like doing it this way but they have to.

They much prefer to meet clients in a normal, sociable way as they pride themselves in providing a personal touch.

A Maine Coon mix belonging to an American friend of mine contracted Lyme disease from a tick. It affected her cat badly. It is a serious disease as you probably know. It can kill. Be aware of the ghastly tick, a horrible parasite.

You can read about cat parasites by clicking on this link. There are many pages.

Video on tick removal from a dog:

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