Peacock attacks woman because she pissed him off (or defended peachicks)

Woman attacked by peacock

Woman attacked by peacock. Screenshot.

I think the title sums it up. It’s my interpretation. Clearly the peacock was not perturbed by the fact that he was retaliating against a human. It looks as though the peacock was minding his own business resting but near or on some sort of crop that the woman was collecting. I have no idea what the crop is. She picks him up and chucks him away. He retaliates pretty well immediately and attacks her hard and knocks her over. It would be nice to know what happened next. I hope the bird managed to escape before the woman hit him, if that is what happened (I doubt it). It is a form of instant karma or instant justice depending on your attitude towards animals. I like the peacock’s behavior.


I have one serious caveat about the video. Someone videoed the event (yes obvious). Why was there somebody there with a video camera videoing something that would normally not the videoed because it is in the middle of a field somewhere in Asia. Being somewhat cynical, I sense that this is a setup video. The couple who made the video i.e. the actor and the video maker knew that the peacock would respond in the way he did as it might’ve happened before. They decided to make a video for TikTok. The question really for someone like me is, is this typical of peacocks? Yes, is the answer ?.

Peacock attacks child

Peacock attacks child. Image in public domain.

If you live in a place where there are lots of peacocks, you can expect to be attacked, sometimes, judging by my research. They don’t hold back even if they are attacking humans. Normally peacocks don’t attack and will run away when they see a human but during mating season, spring to autumn, or when they have young to care for in the winter, if you approach while they are with a peafowl, they with attack you. They will make loud noises and jump towards your face according to one commenter on the website. He says that he’s got to be very careful because they have very strong legs and sharp claws; strong enough to do some damage. Peafowls also attack to defend their young. They seem a make a presumption that their young are under threat if you approach them when they are with their offspring. This reminds me of magpies who do the same thing.

Sometimes peacocks and peafowls don’t differentiate between humans and objects like cars and mirrors which they think are a threat. They attack them as if they are not inanimate objects.

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