Parody video showing a woman breastfeeding a cat onboard a busy flight

Although this is a spoof video of a woman breastfeeding a cat on a busy flight, it is said that this staged production took inspiration from a real event in which a woman on a Delta airlines flight allegedly started to breastfeed her hairless cat companion and refused to stop when she was caught.

Woman breastfeeding a cat in spoof video
Woman breastfeeding a cat in spoof video. Screenshot.

This spoof video “skit” was first posted to Facebook in December 2021 and achieved viral success. The male passenger complaints to a flight attendant that the woman is breastfeeding a cat under a blanket. The woman is confronted but she refuses to remove the blanket. She finally relents after claiming a violation of her rights and allows a male flight attendant to remove it to reveal a stuffed cat or other animal which to me looks a bit like a plush toy tabby cat.


We’ve heard of comfort animals on planes but this is ridiculous. She puts the nipple in cat nip. #fyp #comedy #foryou #cat #breastfeadingmomma

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The woman then explained that it is not a cat but a ‘lynx’ which is a cat but it happens to be a medium-sized wild cat. It appears that the skit is also a take on modern life, modern woke life actually, because the woman accuses the airline staff of invading her privacy and claims that it is 2021 and in this day and age a lot more is acceptable in the name of equality and “rights”.

The video was posted on TikTok where it was even more successful gathering upwards of 40 million hits. It should be said, however, that on TikTok the viewings tick tok upwards rapidly because the videos are on a loop and each time the video plays even is not being watched it counts one more viewing. On TikTok everything is magnified artificially in order to please TikTokers chasing that holy grail of video making a viral hit in the millions.

Because the spoof video has been done very well, some viewers have conflated the spoof with the real thing. For example, Frank Carlo, a commenter, said: “This is 100% real. It’s a hairless cat. They told her to put it in a cage before the flight; she refused and snuck it on the plane.”

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