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White-crowned Sparrow

Background noise makes birds sing more loudly and with less variety

Traffic noise in cities means that birds sing more loudly than they would normally and with less variety in their ...
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Objectionable fur clothing

Fur sales to be banned when Britain leaves European law

NEWS AND OPINION: The law regarding the importation of animal fur into the UK is highly complicated. I know that ...
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Did this man’s epilepsy make his dog anxious which resulted in a tragic end?

You don't have to research very hard to find that companion dogs pick up on both their owner's anxieties and ...
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Cuddling a dog is pleasureable for dog and person

8 ways of petting your dog and how they respond

I discuss seven ways that humans pet and interact with their dog and how they respond to these interactions. Scratching ...
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The school and the field

Extremely popular teacher killed by cows while walking his dog

RICHMOND, NORTH YORKSHIRE - NEWS AND OPINION: David Clark was an extremely popular, brilliant and lovely father and teacher. Very ...
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Nova Scotia Retriever

What does “dog tolling” mean?

"Dog tolling" refers to a dog dancing about in a strange fashion to fascinate ducks, to draw them nearer to ...
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Vet giving advice about pet insurance

Three major points about pet insurance

This veterinarian, Dr Clayton Greenway, covers the three major points, as I see it, about pet insurance and he does ...
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Victoria Birch likes her pet insurance and she is a vet tech

The great triumvirate: dog breeders, pet insurance companies and veterinarians

It just occurred to me that there appears to be what I have described as the "great triumvirate" in the ...
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He wants help and asks

Dog with the most beautiful character rescued after 6 hour trek

The video does not explain how he injured his front paws so badly that they had to be amputated or ...
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Otter holds on to his owners arm

Pet river otter clings onto human companion’s arm after a swim

Aty as a pet river otter. In the video you see him swimming at six a.m. in a very cold, ...
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Prager on are humans more valuable than animals

Criticising Prager on “Are Humans More Valuable Than Animals?”

Please view the video first! These are my observations on the video entitled "Are Humans More Valuable Than Animals?". I ...
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Pros and cons of using the word pet

Pros and cons of using the word “pet”

PETA wants us to stop using the words "pet" and "ownership" in relationship to being the caretaker of a companion ...
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Soi dog rescue Thailand

Lucky, near death soi dog is rescued

This is a very sad story but one with hope and tenderness from the guys who rescued a dying dog ...
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Heroic dog rescue from bank of swollen river in Telangana state in India using a JCB digger

Heroic and dangerous dog rescue from flooded river using a JCB

You wouldn't see this sort of dog rescue in Europe. Europeans are far too refined. Correction: less courageous is a ...
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Puppy covered in porcupine quills which can be life threatening

Porcupine quills can kill a dog

Like me, you might not have realised that porcupine quills can kill a dog. The problem is that dogs perhaps ...
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Love and teamwork in spades saved this abandoned dog

A mountain of tender loving care, acres of teamwork, a bottomless pit of patience and colossal commitment saved this dog ...
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