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Customers don’t care if wood from the Amazon is illegal or legal

NEWS AND VIEWS (COMMENT): There is a war going on in the Amazon jungle between companies who have been issued ...
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Swordfish versus shark – Mediterranean

There is a battle going on between the swordfish and the shark in the Mediterranean Sea. The experts aren't sure ...
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A rare hairless opossum rescued in Texas goes viral. Now she's getting a new wardrobe.

A rare hairless opossum rescued in Texas goes viral. Now she’s getting a new wardrobe.

A rare hairless opossum who was turned in recently by a Good Samaritan concerned about it's health is now the ...
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Guide dog

Brexit is a potential barrier to blind owners of guide dogs travelling to the continent

Time is running out for the UK government to reach an agreement over pet passports which on 1st January will ...
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Crane and Felix

Dog owner responsible for cyclist crashing when trying to avoid her dog

NEWS AND VIEWS: David Crane, 70, successfully claimed compensation in court from the owner of a cocker spaniel, Carina Read, ...
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Global warming

Wild species need to travel north by 3 miles per year because of climate change

The charity Rewilding Britain has advised that the UK habitats of many wild species need to be joined up to ...
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Monty and Nellie in the jewel garden

Monty Don is slammed for advising that people should not buy peat-based products

NEWS AND VIEWS (COMMENT): People in the business of making money from plants and gardening have acted unreasonably and in ...
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Cockfight in Philippines

Fighting cock kills police officer

NEWS AND VIEWS - PHILIPPINES: it is reported that a police officer was killed by a fighting cockerel when the ...
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Coronavirus sniffer dog meets the duchess

HRH the Duchess of Cornwall meets coronavirus sniffer dogs

I have recently written about the training of dogs to detect the coronavirus. Some dogs have been supplied by the ...
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Guinea pigs

Why do guinea pigs need vitamin C?

Dr Kendra of the Cuyahoga Falls veterinary practice tells us that "one of the most important needs of guinea pigs ...
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Dog eating food

Be wary of dog foods with the top five ingredients: pea, sweet potato, lentil, potato and chickpea

The US Food And Drug Administration federal agency (FDA) released their initial findings regarding grain free diets on Thursday, June ...
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stolen dog found

From Texas to Florida: Couple drove more than 20 hours to reunite with dog stolen 6 years ago

A Texas couple recently drove more than 20 hours to be reunited with their Chihuahua mix. who turned up over ...
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Horses with relaxed neutral ears

What do horses’ ear positions mean?

The position of a horse's ears change with their mood therefore they present signals to other horses and to humans ...
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One of the English Bulldog puppies that were stolen during the aggravated burglary

Aggravated burglary of 3 English Bulldog puppies in Basildon, Essex

Sally Knight-Buxton was watching telly at 10:40 pm last Friday with her mum at her home in Basildon, Essex, UK ...
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Fishermen - Mediterranean

Protecting 5% more of the oceans would boost fish catches by 20%

A study by the University Of California and the National Geographic Society has shown that by banning fishing in 5% ...
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Vampire bat

Vampire bats keep their social distance when ill

Ironically, a study has found that vampire bats keep their social distance when ill in order to protect the group, ...
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