These are the recent articles. Please share this page. The underlying purpose of this site is to improve animal welfare. This site is an extension of PoC, a site dedicated to the welfare of cats; domestic, stray, feral and wild. I report on the current news stories regarding the relationship between animals and people in the context of animal welfare. I comment on the stories so this page is not only about news concerning the animal human relationship but my thoughts on that news.

Beautiful foal

4 horse leg movements and what they mean

A horse's leg movements carry messages to the recipients be they another horse or a person. Pawing on the ground ...
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Dog makes weirdest sound that you have heard from a dog

The weirdest dog sound you will hear

The video is said to describe a sassy dog demanding food. The dog has been fed but he wants some ...
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Dog-walking in China is under scrutiny

Southwest China’s dog-walking ban unravels

NEWS AND VIEWS: The county of Weixin, Yunnan province, had laid down the law on dog-walking because of complaints of ...
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Vegan chilli mac

Vegans 40% more likely to suffer a bone fracture

It's all over the news and it's going to have quite a big impact on the rapidly growing vegan movement ...
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Prince George’s beloved dog Lupo has died

NEWS AND VIEWS: It's been announced today in the news media that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have paid ...
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Forida man prises open jaws of alligator to save the life of his little dog

Florida man prises open the jaws of an alligator who had his dog in its mouth

The video is pretty extraordinary. You won't see this sort of video very often. The man you see in the ...
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Beautiful horse

4 horse body signals and what they mean

I'll describe 4 horse body signals and what they mean. General demeanour When a horse takes up a more elevated ...
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Woollen fleeces used as compost because consumers prefer plastic

NEWS AND VIEWS (COMMENTS): It looks shocking. Farmers turning woollen fleeces into compost because they can't get enough money for ...
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Bear shot dead in Pyrenees, a crime

Arrest made for shooting a brown bear in the Pyrenees after killing livestock

A brown bear who was named Cachou was shot dead last April, by an unknown person, in the Pyrenees (Vald'Aran) ...
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Chinese bullfighting among the Yi people in the southwest of China

In Chinese bullfighting the bulls fight each other

OPINION - COMMENT: It is said that Chinese bullfighting is more humane than Spanish bullfighting because the bulls fight themselves ...
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Bird Buddy

Bird Buddy: a cool bird feeding device with so many advantages

Bird Buddy is a bird feeding station with a difference. It was created by a start-up company in Ljubljana, the ...
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Border collie

Are border collies the most gifted dogs?

Scientists are currently searching for the world's most intelligent dog to try and understand why they are born with these ...
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Emma Duncan

Emma Duncan, Times author, nearly lost her puppy to Ibuprofen poisoning

People enquire whether Ibuprofen can poison dogs. It doesn't take long to research that it does indeed poison dogs. In ...
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Spotted hyena

Do hyenas eat humans?

There's a story on the Internet which answers the question in the title: 'Hyenas devour man in attack at his ...
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Ian Jones recovering after cobra snake bite on the back of Covid-19 infection

Man’s Covid-19 symptoms made worse by black king cobra bite

Background Ian Jones, from the Isle of Wight, is working in India setting up a charity enterprise called Sabirian, which ...
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Fat doormouse trapped in bird feeder

Dormouse trapped in bird feeder after eating too much

Catherine Hadler, a volunteer for the Hampshire Dormouse Group said on Facebook, "The dormouse has entered the birdfeeder and eaten ...
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