Owner abandoned their dog for being ‘gay’. I explain why they were misguided.

There is a headline which states that a dog was dumped at an animal shelter in the US after the owner complained that he was gay. I mean the dog not the person ?! And the owners decided that their dog, Fezco, was gay because he humped another male dog.

Frezco humped a male dog and was branded gay and dumped by owner. They were very misguided
Frezco (left in the photo) humped a male dog and was branded gay and dumped by owner. They were very misguided. Image: WCCB Charlotte.

The owner made a terrible and cruel mistake. On Facebook there have been some homophobic comments about it after the shelter in North Carolina posted the news about the abandonment.

The reason why Fezco humped another dog is because encounters with bitches on heat were rare, too rare in this domestic dog’s life. Sexual frustration built up to a point almost where anything became a suitable target. Sometimes dogs under these conditions try to mate with their owner’s leg. Or even the family cat might be targeted (but they would only do that if they were raised with the cat). But the owner created the circumstances for this dog which resulted in the apparent gay behavior.

Can dogs be gay? I don’t believe so as being gay is an exclusively human concept.

And so, a randy dog – and I will presume that Fezco was randy due to frustrations – might try to mount almost anything alive or inanimate such as another male dog, a cushion and, as mentioned, a human leg.

Human legs are attractive to a randy dog because they are the right shape to clasp in their forelegs. If an adult human was more like a dog, they would probably try to mate with a human but they’re just too big and too tall and it is simply impractical ?.

The owner should not be angry or punish a dog for doing this. A gentle rejection is the response. You can’t blame the dog for being randy after living a celibate existence for so long. The idea of a “celibate existence” comes from Dr. Desmond Morris.

And this is where the owner of Fezco has got things terribly wrong. They’ve abandoned a perfectly good dog to a shelter with an unpredictable outcome. I don’t know what kind of shelter this is. It is described as an animal shelter in Stanly County North Carolina USA. All I know is that cats and dogs are not infrequently euthanised at shelters when they are not selected for adoption.

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