One of Australia’s leading greyhound trainers kicks, punches, drags and beats puppies and dogs

The Animal Save Movement on Twitter says this about the video:

This footage was recently filmed over a 2.5-week period at the property of one of Australia’s leading greyhound trainers. It shows dogs and puppies being kicked, punched, dragged and beaten. If this is the industry’s best, imagine the worst. Greyhound racing equals animal cruelty. Shut it down.

Animal Save Movement
Greyhound trainer kicks greyhound
Greyhound trainer kicks greyhound. Screenshot.

I can’t watch it except for a small segment. It’s horrible and it depresses me to be honest. WARNING it is difficult to watch if you are concerned about animal welfare. I can’t show it on this page because advertisers may object. Please click on the link below to see the video:


It looks as though they craftily filmed the abuse with a drone. If that’s true it was very cleaver as it was a way of getting hard evidence of animal abuse by a greyhound trainer that probably has a good reputation.

They don’t mention the name of the trainer probably to avoid possible litigation which is understandable. But it is said to be in Australia. Surprised? The land of happy go lucky shooters who like to shoot millions of kangaroos at night when no one is looking.

And the land of cat poisoners where they build hellish devices which spray 1080 poison onto passing animals to kill them slowly. The idea is to kill feral cats but they accept that they’ll be some collateral damage. Uhmm, such as someone’s pet or dog. No big deal, just a pain in the neck collateral damage.

Update after further research

Yes, my further research on this tells me that ABC News in Australia obtained this footage. And they name the trainer: Tony Rasmussen who they confirm is one of South Australia’s top earning greyhound trainers.

Greyhound Racing South Australia has launched an investigation. The manager of SAFE Campaigns, Anna de Roo, is not surprised by the public outrage and said that, “there is strong public support for a ban in New Zealand, where the industry has been subject to multiple damning reviews”. She added that in New Zealand a “greyhound trainer was recently charged for throwing two greyhounds, one with such force that they hit their head on the back of a swabbing kennel.”

It appears, that the Australian greyhound racing industry has faced a lot of criticism over a long time for its treatment of animals which include not only what you see in the video but, according to ABC News, “live baiting, mass greyhound killings and general animal welfare concerns”.

ACT (Australian Capital Territory) banned greyhound racing in 2018. The footage you see on this page has reignited calls for an enquiry nationwide in Australia.

There are links between the New Zealand and Australian greyhound racing industry. Australia exported 1,223 greyhounds to New Zealand between 2016 and 2022. And New Zealand is going to adopt Greyhounds Australasia rules.

De Roo added that, “The writing is on the wall for greyhound racing, not just in New Zealand but around the world. A recent poll showed 74% of New Zealanders would vote to ban greyhound racing in a referendum. The government just needs to get on with banning it.”

It is interesting to me that New Zealanders are very concerned about the welfare of greyhounds which, of course, is great news to animal advocates. But they have a different attitude towards feral cats. There was a recent competition which included schoolchildren shooting feral cats and being awarded a prize for the greatest number of cats shot. It caused uproar but many other animals were also shot in that competition. Clearly, New Zealanders engage in speciesism on a large scale.

Personally, I have no faith whatsoever in either New Zealand or Australia creating an environment in which animal welfare is applied across the board to all species equally and fairly as it should.

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