Old mange-ridden dog rescued at last after a years on a short chain (hard to see)

Words can’t really describe the emotions on seeing this dog rescue. This poor dog has suffered so patiently probably for most of his/her life and on a short chain. It is a horrible and hurtful thought. Anyone with a heart will be hurt is seeing the first part of this video. The mood lifts when she is rescued. At least the remaining part of her life will be good.

This looks like a very well-mannered dog. A gentle dog. An old one. Tired and beaten by the look of her. Mercilessly abused through gross neglect by a thoughtless owner until rescued. This dog was starving by the look of it and covered in mange which is bloody uncomfortable. She picks up her food bowl when the rescuer arrives to politely ask for sustenance. My God it hurts to see.

The owner who did this to the dog is obviously very ignorant and uneducated. No one with an education could do this unless they were psychopaths. The world has a long way to go before we can deem ourselves to be civilised. A long way.

Below is an article on two men I admire; both animal advocates from different spheres of professional life but with very similar thoughts on animal sentience and welfare. The ignorant idiot who abused this dog would have done well to listen to Gervais and Dawkins.

Animals might feel more pain than the human-animal (Dawkins)

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