NYC bans foie gras in 2022

Open the champagne, New York City (NYC) will take foie gras off the menu in 2022. NYC is the home of dining on expense accounts according to The Times and a popular menu item is foie gras. Unfortunately foie gras is created from animal cruelty.

Mulard duck being force feed corn grain
Mulard duck being force feed corn grain. Cruel.

It is fattened duck or goose liver. To make the liver fat they force feed the birds with a corn mixture which swells it.

California banned foie gras some time ago. It took animal activists 6 years to convince the California legislature to take steps to stop its sale.

There will be some complainers but who cares. This is a much needed step in the right direction for animal welfare. New York city and NY state lead America together with California and some Californian cities in raising the standards of animal welfare in the country. Eight Californian cities ban cat declawing.

Marco Moreira, the executive chef and owner of Tocqueville, a famous NYC restaurant complained. He said:

“What next? No more veal? No more mushrooms?”

To equate mushrooms with foie gras is ludicrous and, yes, ban veal too, please.

There are 350,000 foie gras producing birds in the US. French suppliers are unaffected as their product fails to meet US standards in hygiene and is barred from being imported.

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