Matthew McConaughey, Jennifer Hudson and Hugh Grant discuss cats (and dogs)-comment

This is a Graham Norton Show video on YouTube in which three well-known celebrities, Matthew McConaughey, Hugh Grant and Jennifer Hudson talk about cats (and dogs). I’ve put the dogs in brackets because I’m less interested in them ?.

After Jennifer Hudson did the ‘Cats’ film, she adopted a couple of cats featured in the film which is based as you know on the theatrical production. One is a Sphynx, the best-known hairless cat, which she named McCafferty and the other cat appears to be an Abyssinian but it is not clear from the video. She named her Grizabella. The film was a flop but I think the media hammered it far too much and unfairly.

Jennifer Hudson and her two cats

Jennifer Hudson and her two cats. Screenshot.

Graham Norton thinks that the Sphynx cat is ugly as do a lot of people but Jennifer Hudson is correct in that the ugliness is attractive because it’s so unusual (although less unusual nowadays because this is a popular cat breed). Hudson thinks that McCafferty is cute because of his supposed ugliness.

Matthew McConaughey likes cats and dogs. He’s lived with both. He likes cats because they are more independent than dogs. He says that cats like their space as he does. But it is nice to know that he likes cats and dogs. McConaughey is a very smart person. I think at one time there was talk of him going on the election trail to become the governor of the state of Texas. However, he denied this in a tweet at the end of 2021. Although at one stage he said that he was giving it consideration.

Hugh Grant likes cats except for the fact that they turn their backside to their owners and present their bottoms to them. He doesn’t care for that, he said. He’s overly sensitive in my view ?. People have squeamish ideas about bottoms, defecation and poop and all these sort of things whereas cats just don’t see it that way. They are far more functional and efficiently functional than the squeamish human who likes to push away those difficult aspects of life and pretend that they don’t exist. So, I’m not so much in favour of Hugh Grant.

I like Jennifer Hudson. She is highly talented and she likes cats. That’s got to make her a good person and I love her voice as well. I think that she loves Tom Jones because on The Voice she indicates to me that she respects him a lot. That’s because Tom Jones goes back a long way to the era of Elvis Presley with whom he sang privately for fun. Tom Jones is a connection with the past; a living icon and I think Jennifer Hudson appreciates it.


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