Mail deliveries halted for six months in a Liverpool cul-de-sac after dog bites postman

NEWS AND VIEWS-LIVERPOOL, UK: On September 10, 2022, a dog deemed to have been dangerously out of control bit a postman delivering to residents of a cul-de-sac called Ash Vale in Liverpool, UK. As a consequence, Royal Mail have stopped delivering to the entire cul-de-sac because the matter of what to do with the dog has remained unresolved. Until it is resolved, Royal Mail will not deliver in order to protect their employees.

Ash Vale cul-de-sac
Ash Vale cul-de-sac. Image in public domain.

Domestic dogs will naturally both warn their human family which is their pack by barking and if, they feel the need, to attack intruders onto their domain. This can be trained out but it is fairly difficult and perhaps beyond the means of a lot of owners.

As a consequence, postmen and post-women are at risk of being attacked anywhere postal deliveries are made. In the UK there are around 1673 attacks annually with some leading to severe injuries.

Royal Mail have the right to stop deliveries under the circumstances. They said that the Ashe Vale exemption to deliveries is compliant with Ofcom requirements.

The residents are both annoyed and highly inconvenienced. They can pick up mail from a sorting office a nine-minute walk away. Obviously, this is very inconvenient.

Residents of the cul-de-sac say that the suspension deliveries has caused him to miss important appointments and cancer test results.

The dog in question remains with the owner living in the cul-de-sac. Royal Mail say that the dog is still living at the property and that it presents a serious and ongoing risk to employees.

The police say that the dog’s owner, Joseph Blaney, 36, has been charged with being in charge of a dog dangerously out of control causing injury.

He is going through the criminal court process and will appear in court on March 22. A decision on whether to destroy the dog might be taken after further police enquiries and the outcome of the court case.

The judicial machinery moves at its own pace which is why deliveries have dried up for six months.

It is highly unusual, as I understand it, for deliveries to stop for such a long time.

I guess common sense dictates that it is up to the dog’s owner to ensure that they protect postman and post-women. This will include making sure that the dog is out of the way before the post is delivered by putting the dog in a back room while the delivery takes place.

I guess that needs knowledge of when the delivery will take place but I’m sure it can be managed. A dog owner shouldn’t open the front door to a delivery driver with the dog behind them. Simultaneously access to the back garden should be barred.

It is recommended to give dogs food or a toy to keep them busy while the mail is being delivered. Royal Mail recommend that the occupier fits a wire letter receptacle on the inside of the front door to protect the postman or woman.

I have a page on training a dog not to bark when there is somebody outside approaching the house or apartment. This may interest you and if so, please click on this link.

Stop your dog barking at people who pass the front of your house

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