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Llama slows everything down at protest marches

Llama Caesar's dignified presence helps slow down proceedings at protest marches

It’s a very catchy phrase, “Caesar The No Drama Llama”. It’s a reference to a llama called Caesar who lives on a farm in Oregon owned by Larry McCool (a highly appropriate name which fits in nicely with the narrative).

Llama Caesar's dignified presence helps slow down proceedings at protest marches

Llama Caesar’s dignified presence helps slow down proceedings at protest marches. Photo: Courtesy of William Fritz.

McCool likes to parade his llama amongst protesters such as at the Black Lives Matter demonstrations. This, he says, calms things down. He says it slows everything down but it doesn’t detract from the message of being there. Wise words.

Caesar’s gentle demeanour has won admirers both from the police and the protesters. Caesar is 5’8″ tall. He has dark eyes and a floppy fringe. McCool keeps 15 llamas at his farm. Caesar is a therapy llama. He goes to schools and nursing homes and does his good deeds at those places. Therapy animals are incredibly useful to many people. They bring people out of their shell, make them smile and forget their woes.

Caesar has been involved in marches for women’s rights and gay pride. McCool says that he is quite an activist. Caesar is clearly very at home in large crowds. He is beautifully socialised to these noisy and difficult events. These are events that might perturb some people. It might make them anxious but it appears that Caesar deals with it in his stride.

Matthew Parris, the Times columnist, is apparently a llama owner. He says that they have a good bedside manner and each individual has their own character. They appear to be listening and attentive even if nothing is happening behind the eyes. I suspect that a lot is happening behind the eyes by the way.

Comment: I think it is a brilliant idea to have an animal at protest marches to calm things down. Maybe it should be a condition upon which protests are organised!