Live with a pet cat? Throw the salt lamp out.

Himalayan salt lamps toxic to domestic cats
Himalayan salt lamps toxic to domestic cats. Screenshot.

The lamps are made from blocks of salt which can be lethal to cats. Apparently a New Zealand pet owner almost lost a cat companion because cats like to lick the salt which, carried out to excess, causes sodium poisoning leading to pain, vomiting seizures and perhaps rarely but sometimes death. A cat owner, Maddie Smith saw her cat walking really strangely and in a matter of hours Ruby’s health deteriorated rapidly to the point where she was unable to drink or eat and she couldn’t hear, see or walk, it is reported. She was taken to a veterinarian quickly where she was told that Ruby had suffered salt poisoning which had caused her brain to swell leading to neurological problems. She was treated and she has recovered. She was told that Ruby could have died if there was any further delay in treatment. The brain swelling is due to a disruption in the body’s electrolyte levels.

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