Julia Roberts is at home riding Mongolian wild horses

Years ago, Julia Roberts lived amongst the nomads of Mongolia learning about their relationship with wild horses. Julia Roberts is a horse lover. And I’m a great fan of Julia Roberts by the way. She’s an excellent actress and has a great character. In the photograph below with a Mongolian girl she looks completely at home, very relaxed and I think contented.

Julia Roberts with Mongolian girl and their wild horses.
Julia Roberts at home on the windy plains of Mongolia with the people and their love and dependence on the wild horses

I’m told by the pbs.org website that Mongolia is the home of the only true wild horses on the planet in 2008 because that’s when the article was written. I am sure nothing has changed in that forgotten, high plains country where time has stood still.

She made a television programme about the Mongolians and their horses. You can see a video of that program below.

Julia Roberts looks at home with the Mongolia people and their horses.

Julia shares a passion with horses with the Mongolian people who depend upon them. She spent several weeks with a nomadic family on those vast plains which appear to be almost perpetually windy. By all accounts, Julia got on very well with the family even though she could not speak the language. She loves children as well.

“For these horses to just be allowed to roam around and they don’t take off and leave….is kind of amazing. Everywhere in America, you see animals and you also see fences. Here it’s really about the love and respect that man gives to the animal that they all stay together.”

Julia Roberts

I think that’s a beautiful quote. It is the first time I read it. It says something about our relationship with animals in general. This is a place where wild animals live in harmony with humans. Where is the harmony between humans and nature in 2019? The horses don’t run away because, as Julia explains the Mongolians respect and love their horses.

Julia Roberts riding a Mongolian wild horse.
Julia showing her horse riding skills in Mongolia on a Mongolian ‘wild horse’. She looks very content. You have to say it.

There is a lesson there. People don’t respect wild animals enough which is why they abuse them, shoot them, destroy their habitat, make them gradually extinct and so on and so forth.

Julia Roberts has a ranch in Taos, New Mexico. So how does she relate to her neighbours? Allison Young from the Arizona Foothills Magazine went down there to discover. There were some anecdotal stories about her being a bit aloof and that she never signs autographs. She bumped into a person who works at a hotel where she stayed.

“Oh Julia, she almost ran me off the road. She seemed nice.”

Taos resident

Apparently she had driven fast around a turn and nearly hit the guy. Although she gave him a friendly wave in apology. I think that she’s a nice person. She likes horses. I reckon she likes animals in general and if you like animals you have got to be a decent person. I can’t find much more about her past because she appears to be quite a private person.

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