Joe Biden fractures his foot while playing with his dog Major

We all know about this as it is all over the Internet. Joe Biden, the president-elect, 78, suffered hairline fractures in his right foot while playing with Major, one of his two German shepherds, on Sunday.

Biden leaving medical facility: Walter Reed Medical Center.
Biden leaving medical facility: Walter Reed Medical Center. There are no pictures on the internet of his foot! Screenshot.

Two questions arise out of this minor but perhaps enlightening event. The first is whether Mr Biden is suffering from a lack of bone density due to osteoporosis. He’s cracked his cuneiform bone which forms the arch in his right foot. This is not a classic fragility fracture but it will probably prompt his doctors to check bone density using a Dexa scan, it is said. This points to age related health issues.

The second question which has emerged from this event is that his inauguration is in seven weeks on January 20. The treatment for this sort of hairline fracture is to wear a walking cast or boot for up to 6 weeks. So the question is whether he’ll be attending his inauguration with a walking stick and a boot or a cast! Not that it matters that much except for his image.

Joe Biden is a decent man and a good politician in my opinion but his big drawback is his age and we all know it. Including him. He’s done very well to be elected but the question is whether he’ll be able to serve four years without a chronic illness interrupting the session followed by a handover to his vice-president. An inauguration in a plaster cast is not what his team wants.

The outgoing president Trump tweeted, “get well soon!” And then carried on with his diatribe about mass fraud during the presidential election. He is making a fool of himself.

Biden and his newly adopted German shepherd Major
Biden and his newly adopted German shepherd Major. Photo: Delaware Humane Society.

Major was adopted from an animal shelter, the Delaware Humane Society. His first dog was bought from a breeder. His daughter educated him on the benefits of adopting from shelters! Biden’s wife will make an excellent first lady. She’s very competent.

Postscript: it’s no surprise that there are no photographs of Mr Biden’s fractured foot in a plaster cast or in a boot, on the Internet. I guess he refused photographs on the basis that it would have a negative impact on his image.

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