Japanese man spends £12,480 to look like a border collie

Japanese man spends £12,480 on a border collie costume
Japanese man spends £12,480 on a border collie costume. Screenshot.

This is an unusual story of a Japanese man who spent about ¥2 million (£12,480) on a border collie costume which is incredibly realistic as he wanted to look like his favourite breed of dog. Toko hired a Japanese company called Zeppet to make the costume. They are known for creating sculptures and models for movies and commercials and I guess they are also skilled in making costumes. The Independent tells us that it took 40 days to make the costume because Toko is a very particular individual and so the costume went through numerous trials and revisions before it was manufactured to his liking.

He said that he chose the border collie because “it looks real when I put it on”. And his favourite animal is the quadrupedal animal, especially the cute ones. Of the cute animals he thought that his favourite companion animal would be a good choice and so decided to make a costume of a dog. The border collie is his favourite dog breed.

The manufacturer said that the skeleton of the dog and human are very different and therefore they spent a lot of time studying how to make Toko look like a dog. They used photographs taken from various angles of a border collie’s coat to ensure that the manufactured costume looks genuine and flowed naturally.

This, I think, is a unique effort. I have never seen a person try to look as close as possible to a dog. And they have done a very good job. Certainly, the still images could fool people.

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