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Is it legal to own a wolf in Texas?

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Wolves and wolfdogs as pets

There are no regulations in Texas regarding wolf ownership. Therefore, by default, it is legal to own a wolf or wolf-dog hybrid in Texas subject to any regulations at county level. It would certainly pay to telephone the local authority to clarify the issue (local Animal Regulation Department). Wolfdog ownership is illegal or regulated in many areas of the USA. There have been some bad incidents which appears to have resulted in a general shift in attitude about ownership of wolves and wolf-dog hybrids in the USA. The One Green Planet website advises that there are no federal laws regarding the ownership of a wolf or wolfdog in the USA. Each state takes their own stance on this issue. I would certainly drill down to county and perhaps even city level just to touch base to make sure that there are no animal laws at a very local level. The ownership of wild animal/domestic animal hybrids is always problematic. The wildcat hybrid is popular in America and once again there are issues regarding legal ownership because of restrictions. You are, after all, incorporating the DNA of a wild animal into a pet. It’s like living with a wild animal to a certain extent and this changes the complexion of the human-animal relationship dramatically.

Wolves and wolfdogs as pets

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