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Irresponsible dog owners in the Royal Parks, UK

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Finn Schioldan

Simon Richards, the manager of the Bushy Park, UK said that there had been 58 dog incidents since March. By ‘incident’ I mean dogs creating a problem for the health and welfare of the deer in the parks and other human users. Not long ago I wrote about a dog which attacked a deer when off the lead in Richmond Park. The owner’s name is Frank Hiribarne, 44, a cosmetics executive. The deer had to be shot.

Finn Schioldan

Finn Schioldan. Photo (main) Daily Mirror. Small image: his Linkedin account.

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This latest dog incident concerns a sister park not far from Richmond, Bushy Park. A wealthy businessman, born in Denmark, Finn Schioldan, 52, allowed his dog, a Rhodesian ridgeback, to slip his lead and chase deer. One of the deer fled and ran into a father and his three children on bikes.

It attempted to leap over the family but hit the youngest child, who suffered injuries serious enough to warrant hospitalisation.

Schioldan earns £120k per year as the client director of ServiceNow, a software company. He committed the crime of causing or permitting an animal to chase another animal in a royal park and was convicted in the magistrates court and was ordered to pay a fine of £865 with costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £80. He admitted guilt.

Comment: he could be sued by the injured child’s father for negligence and seek compensation if it is warranted e.g. there are long term consequences. Both dog owners are highly paid and clearly reasonably intelligent men in well paid jobs who appeared to have lost their sense of responsibility for others and wildlife when out enjoying themselves in these beautiful parks. They can do better.

I frequent Richmond Park. I see a lot of dog owners. Many act irresponsibly in letting their dogs run around freely. There is always a danger that they will attack deer and that the deer will respond unpredictably, perhaps attacking the dog or running into the road or at people. These people need to be more switched on to this potential danger. They should know better. Deer are always visible in the park often not far from the roads which criss-cross it.